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Sexual Assault -What is Consent?

Sexual Assault (What is Consent?)  is an article from Indiana University that provides useful definitions about what constitutes sexual assault and consent.

Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms/Action Plan

You may have seen one of your brothers or friends passed out after drinking too much. Because this is not a rare scenario, we usually think the danger is minimal: your friend will wake up with a terrible hangover and that’s it … right?


Every year, college students are taken to the hospital and some actually die due to alcohol poisoning- a severe physical reaction to an overdose of alcohol.

STOP Model

The STOP Model file contains the instructional model delivered as part of the Crossroads All-Chapter Meeting detailing a model for immediate intervention should a dangerous alcohol or drug situation arise.


Adderall Reference

An article that presents an interesting perspective about why young adults are drawn to Adderall.


Sigma Chi Lifeline Information

As Sigma Chis, we learn that it is not enough to talk about the values of our Fraternity . . . we must also live them. Part of living our values is to provide strong arms of support for our brothers, their families and friends.

There is a growing concern on college campuses about the areas of emotional health and suicide prevention. To address this need, Sigma Chi has partnered with the Jed Foundation to create Sigma Chi Lifeline. The Jed Foundation is the nation’s leading organization working to promote emotional health and prevent suicide among college students. The mission of Sigma Chi Lifeline is to protect the mental health of our brothers all across the continent.

Sigma Chi Lifeline is an on-line resource designed to communicate with today’s college student. Modeled after the Jed Foundation’s successful ULifeline site, it is our expectation that Sigma Chi Lifeline will provide a memorable link for our brothers to locate resources that are available when they are needed.

Sigma Chi Lifeline provides a self-evaluator, articles and facts about mental health and the stresses that exist on the college campus.

Difficult Conversations Overview

The Difficult Conversations Overview file contains the Difficult Conversation instructional model and Conversation Guidelines delivered as part of the Crossroads All-Chapter Meeting.

Values-based Decision Making Model

The Values-based Decision Making Model file contains the instructional model delivered as part of the Crossroads All-Chapter Meeting detailing the process for ensuring that all choices pass through a values filter before a decision is made.