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Sexual Assault -What is Consent?

Sexual Assault (What is Consent?)  is an article from Indiana University that provides useful definitions about what constitutes sexual assault and consent.

Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms/Action Plan

You may have seen one of your brothers or friends passed out after drinking too much. Because this is not a rare scenario, we usually think the danger is minimal: your friend will wake up with a terrible hangover and that’s it … right? WRONG! Every year, college students are taken to the hospital and some actually die due to alcohol poisoning- a severe physical reaction to an overdose of alcohol.

STOP Model

The STOP Model file contains the instructional model delivered as part of the Crossroads All-Chapter Meeting detailing a model for immediate intervention should a dangerous alcohol or drug situation arise.


Crossroads Power Point

The Crossroads Power Point file contains the complete power point sequence for the All-Chapter Meeting. All video, music and timer files are embedded. This file is 560MB+ and can be accessed using the link below:

Crossroads Facilitator Guide

The Crossroads Facilitator Guide file contains a detailed description of the Crossroads Process, the instructional outline, and all instructional tools.

Crossroads Chooses “Alpha” Program Locations

The first Sigma Chi Chapter that will be experiencing the Crossroads Program is the Gamma Iota Chapter at Louisiana State University.

Additional chapters that will participate in the initial live testing of Crossroads are:

All-Chapter Meeting Poster

The Chapter All-Session Meeting poster is designed to be posted by the chapter prior to the All-Chapter meeting.

Crossroads Attendance Template

The Crossroads Attendance form is a template designed to provide Headquarters with the attendance figures for each Crossroads session. At the conclusion of the session, the form is completed/ signed by the Facilitator and the Consul and sent to Headquarters.

Crossroads Supply Order Template

The Crossroads Supply Order Template provides a template for the facilitator to use when ordering participant and facilitation materials. It is sent to Headquarters a minimum of three weeks prior to the session.


Crossroads Planning Template

The Crossroads Planning Template is sent by the Facilitator to the Chapter Consul. It provides the Consul with a listing of all the logistical details required to conduct Crossroads at their chapter.