Many years before the founding of Sigma Chi at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, statesman Ben Franklin penned the following words that best describe what is at the heart of the Sigma Chi Crossroads experience.

“We stand at the crossroads each minute, each hour, each day making choices. We choose the thoughts we allow ourselves to think, the passions we allow ourselves to feel, the actions we allow ourselves to perform.
Each choice is made in the context of whatever values system we’ve selected to govern our lives.
In selecting this value system, we are in a very real way, making the most important choice we will ever make.”
- Ben Franklin, The Art of Virtue

The Sigma Chi Fraternity has long recognized the need to engage in a conversation with our members regarding high-risk substance use and abuse on college campuses.

This conversation began in the form of a program called Choices. The Choices program was an afternoon educational retreat promoting an open environment in which to learn and discuss alcohol and drug use. Choices has been delivered to thousands of undergraduate Sigma Chis over the past 12 years. From our experiences with Choices came the realization that a conversation about alcohol and/or drug use cannot take place without first having a conversation about the values that guide our decision making.

Crossroads is an instructional process that challenges Sigma Chi brothers to consider their personal value system and the value system of the Fraternity in order to make informed decisions regarding the use of alcohol and drugs. Crossroads aims further to provide the Fraternity’s undergraduates with the tools needed to engage others in conversations about risky substance use. Through teaching difficult conversation skills and values-based decision making, Crossroads will help our undergraduate brothers relate their values to their behaviors in deep and meaningful ways.