Sigma Chi Crossroads is an exploration of our values and decision making applied to drugs and alcohol.

Brief Overview of the Sigma Chi Crossroads Process

The Sigma Chi Crossroads experience begins when the program is requested by an undergraduate chapter.    Once the date of a Crossroads program is finalized with the chapter, a Sigma Chi Alumni Facilitator will be assigned to work with the chapter to coordinate all of the activities.  The facilitator will contact the chapter, the university and other stakeholders to gather information regarding the chapter’s individual needs and how the chapter is viewed within their campus community.

Far more than a weekend retreat, the Crossroads program is an instructional process.

  • All Chapter members will be asked to register their participation through the innovative Crossroads Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Once a member is registered, pre-session information will be delivered electronically to prepare them for the on-site session.
  • A four to six hour All-Chapter Session will be conducted by an Alumni Facilitator.
  • Polls will be taken before, during, and after the All-Chapter Session that will be used to gather feedback on the Crossroads experience.
  • Individual and chapter-wide goals will be established.
  • After the session, chapter members will receive a series of weekly emails designed as learning reminders/reinforcement.
  • The Alumni Facilitator will continue to follow up with the chapter after the on-site session as a resource and mentor in helping the chapter achieve their goals.

“As chairman of the Sigma Chi Crossroads Committee, I couldn’t be any more excited about how the program is coming together. The Crossroads Committee Members have really pulled together to create what should be an engaging, reflective and meaningful way for our undergraduate chapters to have frank conversations about the values held at the individual and chapter level and how these values are reflected in our use of alcohol and drugs.”
Tom Wimberly - Crossroads Chairman